A private note on Burma

Stunning sunset in the Southern part of Burma

Stunning sunset in the Southern part of Burma

I’m going to start this blog entry with a sentence I unfortunately have to use by far too often…

It has been a while since my last entry… but things have been quite busy the last couple of months and in order to finance a recreational research trip to Thailand, Burma and Indonesia I actually had to undertake some paid work (which was quite a pleasure though). Continue reading

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Just a little update

Hey guys,

I’ve been very busy lately with work here at home and unfortunately found only very little time to maintain the blog. In case you follow the Facebook timeline of Muckileaks, you should be aware of the most pressing issues in Burma and Thailand. But to give you a summary of the most important ones, I will quickly introduce only some of the topics and link some interesting reads. Keep yourself informed and follow us on Facebook. Thanks everyone. Continue reading

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Where are you headed, loves?

Well, well, it’s been a while. Many things have happened in my two beloved countries and therefore this edition will cover both countries.  At the end you will find two readings that you should have a look on – the one is about Burma and its chances to become a democratic state and the other one is about Thailand and how some things went just wrong – very interesting. I am going to start with Thailand now. Continue reading

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Snoop Doggy Dog Pizza

The results of the Asia-Europe Foundation’s (ASEF) short film competition just have been announced. Unfortunately the clip from Thailand has not won, but it is still worth to watch. The films are supposed to showcase Asia and Europe’s relations and interactions through cultures, the arts, environment, education or individual relationships. Continue reading

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The Lady on the Lake

“I believe that, in the end, real change has to come from the inside.”

She has been one of the greatest role models we have in present times. She gives faith to change to people at an unprecedented level and she remains the hope of millions to progress towards a better life – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Watch a documentary about “The Lady on the Lake”.

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Post-New Year’s edition

I have been busy with personal issues lately therefore is this going to be a short one. Many things happened in Thailand and Burma around their New Year’s celebrations. This will be just short pieces of info on each of the main events that have taken place. Continue reading

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A Happy New Year

Copyright: AFP

Thingyan Festival in Burma

Copyright: Ye Tun Photography


Thailand and Burma are celebrating the beginning of the new year of their calendar’s these days.

In Thailand this festival is called Songkran whereas in Burma it is called Thingyan.




May the upcoming New Year bring bliss, fortune, peace and progress to both of the countries. All the best from here.

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Democratic Voice of Burma

The Democratic Voice of Burma is a Oslo-based non-profit media organization run by Burmese expatriates that covers the development in the Burma. Great news and insights as well as photo stories make them a valuable source of information on the Burmese progress and development. Recently, they have been publishing photo stories on several topics, which I would recommend you to take a look at as they give you an image of what I was partly writing about in my latest posts. You will find them here.

Displaced in Kachin State

Irrawaddy – Burma’s Lifeblood

Opium Wars

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Post-election 2012 – Part II

Myanmar News Agency/Courtesy Reuters

Myanmar News Agency/Courtesy Reuters

So, to get back into the enthusiastic 2012 post-election mood, I suggest reading two accounts on the topic by personalities from either side – one from the presidential advisor Nay Zin Latt and one by Ko Ko Kyi, a core member of the influential ’88 Generation Students Group and former political prisoner. Continue reading

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Post-election 2012 — Part I

Copyright by Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters

Copyright by Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters

As it seems, The Lady has emerged victorious; Daw Aung San Suu Kyi ran a successful election campaign and won the by-elections by a landslide. Continue reading

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