Muckileaks is a blog gathering important news and insights on Thai and Burmese politics and also some other international issues concerning politics and economics. There is a lot of news out there about the countries but sometimes it is tiring reading it. The purpose of this blog is it to put this amount of information into simpler terms and words – just to make it more interesting to you and easier to keep yourself updated.

About the author:
My academic career started in 2006. My home university provided me with good basics about business, economics and languages. Though, I am most thankful that it provided me with the opportunity to leave my home and explore the world.

This initiated adventure brought me via New York City (US) to Bangkok (Thailand), and another 10 countries around Asia. Here I discovered my own interest in different cultures, people, in other perspectives on global affairs and all the dynamics that create this world we are living in now.

The next decision in my academic career I made was to study International Relations. It was an easy one and as I found – after accomplishing it – a very good one. The world re-writes its history at a pace we cannot follow anymore. Back in medieval times, a person had the chance to gather as much information during a life time as  we now find in one edition of the NY Times – so we can learn/read a lot these days (you can do the maths yourself).

Keeping yourself up to date with all things going on around the globe is impossible, that’s why I chose Thailand (as I see it as my second home) and Myanmar. In the general section of the blog you will find issues like the global economy, US foreign affairs and other, mostly Asian, interregional issues.

Reason to start this “muckileaks” though is not to publish any secret diplomatic cables, its just a platform for myself to share my interests. Anyway, I will share on a daily, weekly or sporadic basis some thoughts on my reads and issues that I am interested in.

I am not an English native, therefore I apologize in advance for any mistakes in my language. I still think you’ll get the basic ideas.

So now, enjoy it and I hope to get some thoughts/comments on my thoughts.

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