Global edition I

Emerging markets vs the developed world (aka capitalism)

This article deals with the problem of generic drugs. There are a lot of patents expiring in the upcoming years which could mean that the pharmaceutical industry in the developed world could lose a big share of their profits to manufacturer of generic drugs in the developing world. Production of generic drugs has been fostered in countries like India, Thailand and others in order to keep up with the AIDS epidemic in those countries. It was even legal to produce those drugs under WTO rules – there is an exception clause which allows countries to produce generic drugs in order to prevent an emergency situation (e.g. Thailand 21.000 deaths due to AIDS in 2006).

United Nations

Terrorism is an issue – but what exactly is terrorism? The global community hasn’t agreed on a treaty that states exactly who or which groups are considered as terrorists… Well, apparently there are 13 treaties dealing with the issue in all its facet’s but none of these clearly defines the issue of terrorism. So, to keep it that way (and give some politicians freedom to call anyone a terrorist), there’s still no treaty…

Palmer report on the flotilla attack by Isreali soldiers in May 2010

Guess if you’ve followed the news, you know about the incident. Unarmed Turkish nationals and from other countries tried to reach the Gaza strip to provide the people with definitely no arms but other supplies to help the people in the Gaza strip. Israeli soldier’s attacked the vessel, killed 9 people and said they acted in self defense. So imagine yourself being a soldier, armed and trained to kill and you confront an unarmed peace activist – well the need to defend yourself shouldn’t be that high, don’t you think!? I see the report as a sad document stating yet another time the U.N. (US) unlimited support for Israel. I’m not a specialist on the Israeli-Palestine conflict nor do I have a deep knowledge on it’s roots but to see how much freedom is given to the Israeli leadership in order to suppress the people in the Gaza and elsewhere is somehow illegitimate and should be condemned as much as terrorist attacks of any kind.

About the missed opportunities of the Palmer report…

And yet another article on the US, Palestine, Israel and the UN…

Being UN Secretary General has to be a tough job these days… heard of this story? UN peacekeepers allegedly raped an Haitian boy during their mission and before that brought cholera to the earthquake struck country.

Chinese issues

This is not particularly on China, but I guess it’s the nation with the highest growth rate of $ millionaires – big numbers of them due to corruption but to be honest, which country is not corrupt.

This article argues about the way how Asian nations should grow in the future. Taking America as a role model will not be sustainable as if you take China and India and turn them into America # 2 & 3 – consumption-wise – the world will be heading towards further bottlenecks and scarcities of resources, inequality and social injustice and as a consequence further unrest and uprising.

Where are China’s trade policies heading, especially considering regimes…!?

Water – the problem in the future. This article argues about China’s development in this respect, I’d say though that the world has to act on this issue unisonous in order to deal with it. Still, it’s in each nations interest and responsibility to develop sound strategies and policies in order to secure the supply of clean water to it’s population.

This is quite an extensive and somehow neutral to positive paper on the issue of China’s currency and the US economy. No words of currency war nor any too negative outlooks involved here…

…compared to this article, where the NYT is writing about the Chinese feelings on the countries fiscal and monetary policy: “Chinese people are working so hard, day in and day out, the economic environment is so good, but people’s livelihoods are not so great — turns out it is because the government is tightening people’s waist belts to lend money to the United States.”

The disputes in the South China Sea will become one of the most interesting stories in the near future. I admire Robert Kaplan’s writing on this issue, especially as he is coming from a realist stance:

In pictures and some further information on the topic:

So that’s it for today, I’ve just arrived in Vienna. Now it’s time for some sight seeing and historical studies in one of the most important nations in the history of international relations. Stay tuned, another global edition will follow this before there will be some updates on Thailand and Burma.


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