Hollywood, Vivaldi and Global Governance

I just finished watching “Spy Game”, not the latest movie but an interesting one. If you have the chance to watch it do so and enjoy the brilliant spy Robert Redford saving his old pal Brad Pitt from a precarious situation.

As I am not giving you enough material to read here these days, I thought you can do your own research on Global Governance while enjoying one of the soundtrack’s songs of the movie. The song is Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” which you will find here (41 mins).

The tool that should keep you entertained for a while is the “Global Governance Monitor” developed by the Council on Foreign Relations. It is a superb tool to explore the history of several pressing issues such as human rights, climate change, armed conflicts, terrorism and public health. You will find an extensive amount of material (documents, videos, interactive maps, etc) covering the history and development of each issue. You can start exploring here.

I am very busy doing my own research on other issues for the blog, but this will have to wait a little bit longer to be published. My apologies but enjoy the GGM. Peace and out.


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