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I’ve been very busy lately with work here at home and unfortunately found only very little time to maintain the blog. In case you follow the Facebook timeline of Muckileaks, you should be aware of the most pressing issues in Burma and Thailand. But to give you a summary of the most important ones, I will quickly introduce only some of the topics and link some interesting reads. Keep yourself informed and follow us on Facebook. Thanks everyone.

Burma Cabinet set for reshuffle

Burma frees more political prisoners

Ethnic violence in Burma

Here is a good read on the recent ethnic conflict in the Rakhine state that left scores of people dead. The conflict arose after an alleged rape of a Buddhist woman by members of the Rohingya minority – a stateless and rightless ethnic minority “living” in Burma.

The conflict in pictures.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s trip to Europe

Her second trip abroad after becoming a MP brought her all the way to Europe, where she attended a conference in Geneva, gave her acceptance speech at the Nobel Committee in Stockholm, collected an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford and visited further destinations across Europe.

Thailand and its constitution

The ghost of a judicial coup has long been lingering around in Thai news (or at least the international media that covers news on Thailand) and the courts verdict on the survival of the ruling party is about to be made. In general, there have been discussions and debates around amending the charter and if this should be done after a public vote, at all or only within the parliamentary process. The debate is still on and no decision has been made yet.

Yet another flood

There have been news that Thailand is not well prepared for yet another heavy raining season. Parts of the country have been hit by floods already but not to an extent such as the devastating floods of last year. It was/has been/is up to the Yingluck government to be prepared, but the time is already very short (or it might be by far too late already… my guess).


An analytical paper by Sonia Rothwell for the ISN summarizes the recent events that have influenced the politics in the monarchy and its ties with China and the US.

You want to know how and why Thailand is in the status it finds itself right now. Enjoy the “Bangkok Blues” by Joshua Kurlantzick. And the rebuttal by the Royal Thai Embassy.


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