Snoop Doggy Dog Pizza

The results of the Asia-Europe Foundation’s (ASEF) short film competition just have been announced. Unfortunately the clip from Thailand has not won, but it is still worth to watch. The films are supposed to showcase Asia and Europe’s relations and interactions through cultures, the arts, environment, education or individual relationships. When you watch it, consider the debate going on about the level of English spoken in Thailand.

This movie clearly showcases that it’s not just the students to blame but a whole lot the teachers. I am not saying that teachers in Thailand are bad in general, but from my experience it would be very constructive to have whether one native English speaking and one Thai English teacher or only an English native speaker in class. Even though the beginnings might be more demanding and tiring for both sides, in the end the results will improve. The way I have learnt English is by speaking with native speakers abroad – but if you cannot go abroad to practice your language, turn your home a little bit more into abroad.

Thai contribution:

Dog Pizza – Thai Short Film

You can find all the other contributions here.



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